1st Sulfovolley World Cup

Become the world-wide famous winning team of the 1stSulfovolley World Cup

On Monday 17 September, after the first day of Conference, be ready to play volleyball. Teams consisting of 2 females and 2 males will compete in matches at best-of-three sets played to 15 points.

You have more than one month to shape up and train. Surely, we will watch (and play) high level sulfovolley!!!






Wine tasting

Unique experience to taste Italian Biodynamic wines

Tuesday 18th September, at the end of a day of Science, take two hours to enjoy the tasting of 6 Italian Biodynamic wines. A biodynamic wine-maker will accompany you in the pleasure of tasting wines you will not easily find in wine shops. The tasting path will start with a sparkling wine from Franciacorta (classic method), continue with white and red wines from different regions and end with a scented Ramandolo wine, produced from dried grapes. The event will occur in a professional wine tasting room. The wine tasting will be complemented with appropriate snacks.

The room capacity is maximum 30 persons.

The wine tasting room.

Fill the booking form (DOWNLOAD THE FORM HERE) and send send it back to secretariat@plantsulfur2018.com

Booking will be on first come, first served basis.

Payment for the Wine tasting must be done cash at the registration desk upon arrival.







Easy walk on the Cansiglio plateau.

On Thursday 20th September, after the 3-day Conference, let’s take a deep breath where the air is pure. A nice and easy walk on the Cansiglio plateau (http://www.prolocofregona.it/en/cansiglio-forest/).


Departure from Conegliano by bus at h9.00. About 45 min trip. Visit of the Cansiglio plateau, a natural area in the northern Italian pre-alps. The plateau rises above the plain at more than 1,000 m (3,300 ft) above the sea level and it is formed by a basin surrounded by rocky peaks.
Besides the beauty of the natural environment, this area is also rich of history and hosts an alpine botanical garden where different alpine environments with their vegetation are well represented. About 500 species of plants including vegetation of the forest, of the shrubs, of meadows and pastures, of screes and niveal valleys.
An English speaking guide will tour for about 6 km, passing through some old Cimbrian villages, different kinds of woods (the original beech woods and the non-autochthonous coniferous trees), karstic phenomenons (sink-holes) and  the Alpine botanical garden. After the visit to the botanical garden a stop at a local refuge to enjoy the typical meal of the area. After lunch depending on the time and on desires of the participants a small walk through the forest or immediately back to the bus. Return to Conegliano and/or to Treviso airport for back-home flights.

EQUIPMENT: Hiking shoes, jacket, rain coat (weather can change quickly), hat

DIFFICULTY: easy hike with no big difference in height (about 200 m)


The excursion will be organized with minimum 15 participants. Fill the booking form (DOWNLOAD THE FORM HERE) and send it back to secretariat@plantsulfur2018.com
Deadline for booking 30 June 2018